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The title says it all.

    Patch : February 3 ( Version ) ( What's New )


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    Patch : February 3 ( Version ) ( What's New )

    Post by Foxy on Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:16 am

    ( Yas family tree is here ! )

    "Genealogy is here! Explore the lineage of your Sims, their names, faces, and relationships! Remember who they are to one another!"

    What’s New

    Genealogy is now available. You’ll be able to look at your Sims’ family history, including brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents (and some greats, and great greats, and…), step relationships (like Step-Father), half relationships (like Half Brother), and of course, Spouses.

    • Open up the Simology panel (or use the [Y] shortcut key) and click on the Show Sim’s Genealogy button.

    • Track 10 generations (4 up and 5 down) from the active Sim (yes 5 + 4 = 10)

    • Click on other Sims in the view to focus on their genealogy

    • If you have a large number of Sims in your view, you can click in any empty space within the genealogy panel, and drag to see more.

    • Hover over the Sim portraits to see their relationship to the active Sim, their current career, how they died, and who they are married to.

    The Main Menu has had a facelift. Browse the in-game banners to find out what’s new in The Sims, what’s next down the road, what’s hot in the Gallery, tip & tricks, and more!

    • We have updated the Whims.

    • Whims now refresh automatically when you sleep for more than 4 hours, become dazed, or return home from work
      Hover over a whim and click on the Pin button to pin the whims you want to keep (sorry, you can’t pin Emotional Whims).
      Or click the X button to get a new whim.

     There are new achievements for playing with generations.

    • Legacy Player, Alphabet Legacy, Legacy Leader, and Legendary Legacy!

     There’s new content in Create A Sim!

    • Male and Female Valentine’s Day shirts can be found under t-shirts

    • Male Valentine’s boxers can be found in the underwear category

    • Female Valentine’s lingerie can be found in the underwear and brassieres categories

     There’s new content not in Create A Sim!

    • The gnomes have sent an emissary to ring in the 15 year celebration, look for the Happy Gnomiversary!

    • he “Lots of Love” Bear is ready to spend his Valentine’s Day with you

    • We found the Bearly Gnome hiding in the forests of Outdoor Retreat, coerced him gently from his den, and plopped him into your game.

    • A venue version of the Winter Holiday Speaker has been added to the audio sort.

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    Re: Patch : February 3 ( Version ) ( What's New )

    Post by Wookie12 on Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:18 am

    family tree is finally back cheers cheers

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    Re: Patch : February 3 ( Version ) ( What's New )

    Post by Wasabi on Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:08 am

    cheers cheers cheers

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    Re: Patch : February 3 ( Version ) ( What's New )

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